Transportation infrastructure represents enormous investment, but these assets are under constant attack by weather, sun and regular use. As pavement ages, it gets stiff and brittle. Ruts form and water seeps into the cracks, where the freeze-thaw cycle literally begins to tear the road apart.

PSI Technologies offers cold surface repaving as a cost-effective way to replace the road’s protective armor. When done at the correct time, this technology can intercept and stall the aging process, extending the life of the road with a new, smooth black surface. Of course, sometimes this window is missed, and roads require more extensive – and expensive – repair or even replacement. PSI Technologies is currently developing solutions such as rut-fill systems to restore more extensively damaged road surfaces to like-new condition.

Road Asset Management Data Collection

From design through delivery.

PSI Technologies owns and operates a large fleet of construction equipment for excavation, roadway construction, demolition and recycling, as well as aggregate processing operations. This is the business end of PSI – where research and development gets put into action for superior, cost-effective results. Services include full turnkey engineering solutions from materials testing and design to construction and quality assurance testing for roadways, rail and associated infrastructure.


What if you could assess the condition of a roadway simply by driving on it?

PSI Technologies, with our partner Roadscanners Oy of Finland, provide a wide range of non-destructive, non-intrusive pavement assessment technologies. These systems include ground penetrating radar, pavement thermal imaging, Lidar transverse profiling, longitudinal roughness profiling, rut depth profiling, pavement surface imaging, and right of way video logging which are attached to the PSI Survey Van with the capability to analyze real-time data. 

PSI and Roadscanners have integrated Roaddoctor pavement assessment data logging software with PSIPave3D pavement structural assessment and performance prediction modeling software to provide our clients with a unique capability to perform real-time non-destructive pavement assessment and mechanistic structural performance/damage prediction modeling of their pavement systems.  This integrated approach enables our clients to optimize their life cycle road budgets and level of service projections based on sound measurements and the most advanced materials science available in the industry.

The PSI Survey Van is custom built to meet local, provincial, state or country road safety requirements and is available for lease or sale.