Backed by our leading science and engineering research, PSI Technologies sets the standard for superior, cost-effective solutions to help build and maintain the trillions of dollars in transportation infrastructure that keep the modern world moving.

PSI Technologies

PSI delivers full transportation infrastructure solutions as a stand-alone provider or by seamlessly integrating our services with partners in government and industry.

PSI research and technologies deliver efficient fully integrated infrastructure packages, right from initial research, design and engineering, to building and maintaining user-ready systems across the transportation infrastructure spectrum. Whether it’s highways, streets, rail lines, rapid transit systems, airstrips, intermodal transport or underlying municipal services, PSI offers durable, cost-effective engineered solutions.

Innovation and integration make us a partner of choice. Our turnkey solutions improve delivery efficiency of major construction projects, sharpening our clients’ budget effectiveness and competitive edge

PSI offers complete transportation infrastructure solutions including:

  • Applied Research and Development
  • Conventional Laboratory Materials Characterization
  • Mechanistic Materials Characterization
  • 3D Structural Modeling
  • Road Material Recycling
  • Pavement Preservation Systems
  • Road Asset Management
  • Field Sampling Testing
A Partner of Choice

Innovation makes us a partner of choice. Our turnkey solutions can easily integrate improved efficiency into major construction operations, sharpening your competitive edge.