PSI Pave3D™

PSIPave3D™ is a full 3D non-linear orthotropic numerical model that goes beyond commonly used road analysis models. PSIPave3D™ offers true three dimensional mechanistic finite element modeling for road structural analysis and design capable of predicting the primary responses of diverse pavement structures across field state conditions. PSIPave3D™ accounts for complex structures, loadings and traffic speed, across different nonlinear inelastic material constitutive properties, geometry and climate.


Providing unprecedented speed, precision, time and cost savings.

PSI Technologies employs state of the art field surveying and computational analysis technologies across all our civil works projects.  PSI integrates various survey technologies including Total Station Surveying, Global Positioning as well as Light Imaging Detection and Ranging  (LIDAR) scanning laser based survey techniques.  

PSI integrates 3D GPS grade controls on earthmoving equipment to optimize on site cut and fill balance and material quantities.  Civil 3D is used to perform material quantities analysis and tracking in real time.