What we learn in the lab, we test in the field and deliver to your site. The fundamentals of science are the fundamentals of performance – on this we will not compromise.


Transportation infrastructure materials

Transportation infrastructure engineering principles have evolved over the past century of learnings, many very costly. However, from these learnings, the transportation infrastructure profession has established a broad suite of tried and true infrastructure systems and principles from which to design, procure and construct transportation infrastructure. PSI believes in these learned principles to our core. We have a highly advanced conventional materials testing lab certified in soils, aggregates, asphalt and concrete. We can perform any standard specified test in these areas to meet the needs of our clients.

PSI’s advanced mechanistic laboratory and modeling systems are equipped to directly correlate conventional road material test properties to more scientific mechanistic materials properties. Our engineering systems provide a unique “bridge” from tried-and-true principles to future advanced scientific methods for designing and maintaining transportation infrastructure.

Future in transportation materials characterization and design

PSI is a pioneer in mechanistic materials characterization and numerical structural modeling to predict transportation infrastructure performance. Given the complex nature of road materials and field state conditions, mechanistic characterization and accurate performance prediction modeling is no easy task. Over the past two decades, PSI has developed and perfected reliable methods to characterize and specify road materials systems based on the fundamentals of engineering science and engineering mechanics. History will show the use of advanced engineering principles will “pave the way” for providing cost-effective future transportation infrastructure systems.