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Backed by our leading science and engineering research, PSI Technologies sets the standard for superior, cost-effective solutions to help build and maintain the trillions of dollars in transportation infrastructure assets that keep the modern world moving.

Mobile Drilling

Material sampling, characterization, road performance validation and project management.

PSI performs a broad range of field quality control and quality assurance testing services.  PSI’s central testing laboratory is CCIL certified in soils, aggregates, asphalt cement, and hot mix asphal.  As well PSI is in the process of obtaining portland cement concrete testing certification.  

PSI employs several mobile testing field labs to perform diverse materials testing services both insitu and retrieved from the field. 

PSI is also equipped with truck mounted and track mounted field core drill rigs which enables PSI to obtain surface and subsurface samples from our client projects at various intermittant predetermined depths or continuously in almost any terrain and field conditions  

PSI mechanistic materials testing capabilities at our central laboratory also enables PSI to perform highly advanced multiaxial multi-frequency characterization of any civil or geological materials.  This testing capability can determine material constitutive relationshiops under a broad range of field 3D stress states as well as load rates.  This unique capability enables PSI to correlate conventional material properties to more advance oerformance based mechanistic material properties.  The mechanistic material properties obtained enable PSI to perform advanced structural analysis from a quality control and quality assurance perspective for our clients


PSI provides a wide range of core diameters to specifically meet the needs of our clients.

PSI Technologies conducts pavement coring and auger sampling services for rural highways, urban roadways, and other facilities. PSI provides complete traffic control, utility search coordination and documentation, 3D GPS tracking of field samples, and electronic sample tagging and tracking of field samples. As well, PSI provides conventional and mechanistic laboratory evaluation of field samples. PSI coring can provide a wide range of core diameters to specifically meet the needs of our clients. Samples can be retrieved for advanced mechanistic characterization as well as conventional testing.