Managing inflows and optimizing tailings use for backfill.

Our integrated approach allows us to analyze backfill materials, design cost-effective systems repurposing tailings and execute all required hauling, construction and backfilling services.

PSI’s pursuit of engineering innovation has led to improved backfill systems and better use of tailings to manage inflows and provide structural support.

PSIMINE3D™ and our materials characterization protocols, develop backfill systems designed to improve structural support while minimizing environmental impact by reusing tailings materials. PSI systems are engineered to provide structural stiffness, address creep rates and mitigate water inflows based on the unique needs of the mine and our performance graded specifications.

PSI engineers develop custom backfill solutions that meet necessary end-product properties such as viscosity, adhesion, shear stiffness and fracture toughness – designed for use in various mining conditions and delivered as a thickened paste or in high-flow systems.

Executive Summary

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