Recycle, Re-use, Re-pave

Recycling not only saves costs and lessens pressure on non-renewable resources such as gravel. It also diverts many tonnes of concrete and asphalt rubble and similar waste away from landfills.


Communities across North America and around the world are increasingly embracing social and environmental responsibility. PSI shares these values and brings a corporate commitment to technical innovation, safe and efficient construction and environmental sustainability – searching for solutions that are socially and economically responsible. Where possible, we engineer the use of reclaimed and recycled materials – providing off-site crushing, full-depth reclamation of road materials, and shredding of wood and plastic recyclables.



PSI Technologies pioneered the use of mechanistic engineering material characterization testing to establish performance-based design specifications for recycled concrete and asphalt materials in road structures. Harnessing our scientific expertise in materials, we compared performance of engineered recycled materials with that of traditional aggregate materials. Engineered recycled materials can significantly outperform conventional road materials when processed and constructed properly. This research allowed us to establish the specifications needed for industry to best use recycled materials for road infrastructure applications based on a scientific fundamentals framework. We have set the standard for use of recycled materials for transportation infrastructure, with many road agencies using our engineered recycle systems.

Recycling not only reduces cost, it lessens pressure on non‑renewable aggregate resources. It also diverts significant volumes of concrete and asphalt rubble and similar waste away from landfills.

Engineered uses of waste materials also significantly increase the “fourth bottom line” in infrastructure financial assessment.


Cost effective road rehabilitation.

PSI Technologies offers partial and full depth road reclamation and strengthening systems as a cost effective road rehabilitation technique that reuses the existing road structure in situ. PSI designs in-place pavement structures that are rotomixed and engineered with stabilizing materials such as cement, asphalt emulsions, hot bitumen, polymer, fibres, etc. Full depth reclamation (FDR) removes pavement surface cracks and distresses and improves pavement structures that can be sealed with a wide range of surfacing systems.

  • Partial &/or Full Depth Asphalt Pavement Reclamation
  • Asphalt Binder Modification Systems
  • Asphalt Emulsion, Foamed Asphalt, Cement and/or Lime Stabilization
  • Full Mechanistic Design Process Utilizing PSIVision3D™ & PSIPave3D™
  • Laboratory Analysis of in situ Materials & Optimized Strengthening Systems
  • Road Structure and/or Surface Rehabilitation/Strengthening
  • Optimized Use of in situ High Quality Materials with Minimal Haul Required
  • Integrated Recycled Material & Structural Design