engineered mine backfill systems

Engineering Reliable Backfill Systems Based on Mechanistic Materials Specifications

Tailings repurposing innovation is the cornerstone to PSI backfill systems that enable better use of tailings while at the same time providing ground support and managing inflows. PSIMINE3D™ and our laboratory materials characterization protocols result in tailings based backfill systems designed to provide structural support while minimizing environmental impact.

PSI custom backfill solutions utilize both soft rock and hard rock tailings that meet necessary end-product properties such as pumpability, viscosity, adhesion, shear stiffness and fracture toughness. PSI backfill systems can be engineered as a thickened paste or high-flow systems for various mine field state conditions.

Our Strengths

  • Tailing Repurposing
  • Pumpable Backfill
  • Paste Backfill
  • Fluidized Backfill
  • Structural Ground Support
  • Hard Rock and Soft Rock
  • Backfill Systems