PSIPave3D™ Road Modeling

Pavement Infrastructure Modeling

PSIPave3D™ is a user friendly tool part of PSISuite3D™ to predict pavement performance such as rutting and crack propagation over the short and long term of a pavement’s lifecycle. It is easy to use and can be customized for any roadway geometry, loads and materials.

PSIPave3D™ includes:

  • Geometry (urban/rural, side slopes, multiple lanes, shoulders)
  • Loads (Any truck configuration, tire type, tire pressure)
  • Materials (Viscoelasticity, Plasticity, Nonlinear Elasticity, Elasticity)
  • PSICulvert3D™, PSIRoadPatch3D™, PSIGeosynthetics3D™, PSIMultiscale3D™PSIBackCalc3D™

Our Strengths

  • 3D Road Stress Analysis
  • 3D Mesh from Point Cloud (Lidar)
  • Intuitive User Friendly Interface
  • 3D Finite Element Analysis
  • Lifecycle Analysis
  • Fracture Mechanics
  • Multiscale Analysis
  • Linear and Nonlinear Material Models
  • Viscoelasticity, Viscoplasticity, Elasticity