Our integrated approach allows us to analyze unique mine conditions to customize grouting materials and additive systems to achieve material properties specific for the mine needs.

PSI has the equipment and support personnel to execute the required grout material supply, haul, and placement.

Water Management/Grout Systems


PSI’s pursuit of engineering innovation has led to improved grout systems engineered for customized mine applications.

PSI’s grouting systems are developed to provide a wide range of material properties not found in traditional mine grouting systems. Utilizing the best of both asphaltic and cementitious materials technologies, our engineered grouting systems can be custom blended and modified to obtain properties that meet performance-based specifications for both material delivery and end-product properties unique to your mine environment.

PSI’s grout systems are engineered to provide a wide range of viscosity, tenacity, adhesion, fracture toughness and shear stiffness in both dry and submerged mine conditions. PSI uses a full spectrum of chemical additives in its grout system mix designs and supplies all chemical additive materials for surface and underground grout supply and delivery.