Jim Gee

B.Eng. (Mech)

Jim Gee is the Director of Operations at PSI.   

Jim has a background in engineering, mining, procurement, and management.  He works closely with clients, subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors in the areas of business development and project management.  He is responsible for strategic planning and contract management of PSI’s mining and engineering projects as well as managing corporate safety program.

Jim has 32 years of management experience in a variety of roles and departments.  He has experience with strategic planning, development and implementation of management systems, and managing contract negotiations.  He has experience in developing and implementing procurement systems as well as managing and developing reporting systems and documentation in production and operations capacity.  He has successfully developed and implemented human resources and business systems in a variety of roles as well as managed and implemented enterprise resource planning within companies.

His diverse work history demonstrates an ability to succeed in a wide variety of roles utilizing a broad range of experiences and providing a positive impact on team engagement and company success. 

Academic Credentials

  • Sc., Mechanical Engineering, 1983, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK.

Publication Record

  • 12 Technical Reports