PSI Engineers Specialize in Turnkey Mine Tailings Repurposing


Reusing materials is at the heart of PSI’s corporate commitment to environmental sustainability, and provides our clients with the most economical solution to meet their needs. Engineered processing of tailings satisfies both of these commitments by using tailings waste products as a value-added aggregate source, while offsetting the need for costly new backfilling materials. Building on our materials science expertise, PSI has designed, built and commissioned specialized tailing processing equipment for the reuse and processing of mine tailings. Processed tailings are custom tailored to the unique properties of the mine’s tailing, and to meet the requirements of the backfill or grout mix design.

PSI mine tailing processing systems are designed to meet the performance and cost-based specifications for individual mine sites. Processed tailings are engineered to provide optimal backfill and grouting systems for diverse mine service applications.


Executive Summary

  • Hard Rock Tailings
  • Potential Acid Generation
  • Soft Rock/ Salt Tailings
  • Structural Ground Support