psi and the global Green Movement

Recent Years has seen Significant Awareness of Environmental Stweardship

This movement requires utilization of technologies that significantly decrease impacts that humans have on the natural environment. The primary four pillars of the “Global Green Movement” are: 1) material recycling, 2) combustion carbon reduction, 3) minimized societal reliance on non-renewable resources, and 4) reduced impact on the natural earth (i.e. groundwater contamination, volatile atmospheric escape, earth contamination, etc.).

The mining and transportation infrastructure sectors have difficulty meeting the objectives of the “Global Green Movement” because of the significant effort and energy typically expended to develop and extract mine resources. Significant mine tailings generation and power consumption are the two primary sources of “anti-green” elements of mining natural resources.

PSI Mining has developed several low impact mining technologies as well as tailings disposal and/or repurposing technologies to improve resource exploration and mine development. PSI Mining is committed to using the latest in engineering science to advance environmental and social responsibilities in all designs we do.


Executive Summary

  • Material Recycling
  • Reduced Carbon
  • Reduced Social Impacts
  • Groundwater Protection
  • Reduced Atmospheric Volatiles
  • Improved Material Handling