PSI President and Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Curtis Berthelot (P.Eng.), earned his Doctorate of Civil Engineering with a focus on Materials Science. He has built a team of more than 100 engineers, geologists, lab technicians and industrial operators with decades of experience.


PSI employs engineers, geologists, computer scientists, specialty technicians as well as equipment operators, journeymen mechanics, labourers and safety officers.

PSI Technologies is the brainchild of Dr. Curtis Berthelot, who founded the company out of a passion for designing and building innovative road construction solutions. During doctoral research, Dr. Berthelot saw an opportunity to help transform road construction by using recycled materials for construction and repairing.

We employ more than 100 staff members–including ten engineers and one geologist–and have significantly expanded our service spectrum since we opened in 1998.

Our team of engineers is among the brightest in the industry, with our work published more than 100 times. We are recognized as thought leaders in mine water management solutions, transportation infrastructure and 3D numerical modeling, using our very own PSISuite3D™ technology.

PSI Senior Technical Leadership Team

Operations Leadership Team