psi suite3D™

User Friendly Transportation and Mine Infrastructure Modeling

Over the past decade, we developed a true 3D numerical model coupled with advanced mechanistic materials characterization for the transportation and mining sector. This suite of software is a world-class infrastructure finite element modeling tool called PSISuite3D™.

Using the PSISuite3D™ modeling system, alternative designs can be tried and tested before construction, identifying problems in virtual space and preventing costly real-world building and maintenance issues. PSISuite3D™ provides information for preventing asset deterioration and for ongoing infrastructure lifecycle budget planning.

PSISuite3D™ includes:

  • PSIPave3D™: Pavement Structural Analysis
  • PSIMine3D™: Mine Structural Ground Support Analysis
  • PSIAir3D™: Airfield Structural Analysis
  • PSIRail3D™: Railways Structural Analysis
  • PSICulvert3D™: Culvert Analysis
  • PSIRoadPatch3D™: Urban and Rural Road Patches Analysis
  • PSIGeosynthetics3D™: Geosynthetic Layers Analysis
  • PSIMultiscale3D™: Micro- and Macro-Scale Simulations
  • PSIBackCalc3D™: Viscoelastic Layer Moduli Backcalculation Analysis

Our Strengths:

  • 3D Mine Stress Analysis
  • 3D Road Stress Analysis
  • 3D Mesh from Point Cloud (Lidar)
  • Intuitive User Friendly Interface
  • 3D Finite Element Analysis
  • Lifecycle Analysis
  • Fracture Mechanics
  • Multiscale Analysis
  • Linear and Nonlinear Material Models
  • Viscoelasticity, Viscoplasticity, Elasticity