applied research and development

Material Performance Prediction is Key to Sound Engineering Solutions

At PSI’s material research laboratory, we apply advanced mechanistic materials characterization to accurately predict performance related behavior of our systems in the field. PSI is certified by the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories in a full range of conventional as well as mechanistic characterization of materials for road infrastructure and heavy industrial applications.

Applied materials research and development to derive advanced engineered system is the foundation of PSI. Over the past two decades PSI has successfully applied innovation advancements to solve a broad range of problems facing our clients, both in the transportation and mining sectors.

PSI is a pioneer in applying advanced engineering continuum and micromechanical material consitutive behavior for engineering civil and mining infrastructure assets.

PSI also deploys fully-equipped mobile labs for quality control field testing to ensure end product quality is achieved during construction.

Executive Summary

  • Soils and Aggregate Materials
  • Asphalt Concrete
  • Asphalt Cement Testing (including SHRP performance grading)
  • Portland Cement Concrete
  • Mechanistic Materials Characterization
  • Advanced Fracture Mechanics Characterization
  • Soil Modification and Stabilization
  • Microsurfacing Systems
  • Geological Rock
  • Advanced Composite Systems
  • Metals Characterization and Metal Matrix Composites
  • Field Quality Control and Quality Assurance


  • 65 Refereed Journal Publications
  • 179 Conference Papers
  • 488 Technical Reports