Cold pavement preservation systems

Integrated Pavement Preservation Solutions for Road Agency Infrastructure Challenges

Transportation infrastructure represents enormous public investment and these assets are under constant attack by traffic, climate and time. As roads deteriorate with time, there is a critical window for preservation treatments to avoid more extensive – and expensive – repair or even replacement.

Every transportation infrastructure project presents unique challenges of soil types, water conditions, materials and climatic conditions. Using PSI advanced diagnostic, modeling tools and materials testing capabilities, PSI Technologies has developed a broad spectrum of pavement preservation solutions tailored for specific locations and conditions. This approach goes well beyond simple resurfacing, producing transportation infrastructure systems that perform over the long term, saving costs and better serving our clients.

PSI Technologies offers a broad suite of advanced cold-surface preservation systems as a cost-effective way to replenish road’s protective armor. When applied at the correct time, these technologies can extend the life of the road asset with a new, smooth surface for its users. PSI Technologies has developed more advanced solutions such as rut-fill and fibre-reinforced surfacing systems to restore more extensively damaged road surfaces to like-new condition.

Executive Summary

  • Cold Paving Systems
  • Base Stabilization
  • Microsurfacing
  • Ground Injection Systems