Mine Material laboratory testing

PSI Specializes in New Solutions for Mine Materials

PSI’s team of material specialists works alongside miners to develop new materials to improve mining operations, tailings management, and structural support.

With a commitment to technical innovation, our labs innovative ways to utilize existing on-site materials to improve mine structural conditions. We design and test customized solutions that can resolve water and tailings issues by exploring the properties of tailings and other locally available materials and testing their behaviour along with various additives.

In addition to the central laboratory, PSI has fully equipped mobile labs to conduct on-site field testing of materials for quality control and quality assurance during delivery.

PSI’s central laboratory is certified by the
Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories in several test procedures and is staffed by full-time, certified technicians.


Executive Summary

  • Mechanistic Continuum Characterization
  • Fracture Characterization
  • Diverse Mine Materials
  • Tailings Systems