PSI Technologies is an integrated engineering and construction firm with a strong emphasis on innovation and state of the art infrastructure solutions. PSI originated as a transportation infrastructure engineering consulting company in 1998, and has since become world known for innovative materials recycling systems and innovative mine tailings disposal systems.
PSI has experience in a variety of mining operations. mining Surface Operations | Underground | Open Pit | Tailings Management Areas | Aggregate | Oil and Gas


PSI Technologies delivers end-to-end customized, innovative solutions to water inflow and tailings management for the global mining industry.

We bring the innovative methods behind civil, geological, and aerospace engineering to underground and surface mining challenges, identifying long-term sustainable solutions to address water inflow, tailings management and other structural needs.

Our mining services are fully integrated – from engineering and materials testing to construction and site maintenance – and can help you minimize inflows and environmental impact while optimizing operations.

PSI has been developing innovative new ways – better ways – to address the needs of the mining industry.

With an integrated approach to engineering and construction, PSI manages your needs – from design to implementation – and ensures that the solutions needed are the solutions delivered.