For years, we’ve been proud to showcase the advanced science of PSI to our clients with tours of our laboratory facilities. Inspired by their feedback and questions, we are launching PSI U, where clients can come in, see our processes, get training and real technical knowledge on PSI’s innovative research, development and in-the-field systems.

Sharing expertise is an integral part of developing innovative and sustainable solutions to improve performance in the transportation infrastructure field. PSI’s engineers have published hundreds of scholarly papers of engineering practices, which can be accessed at

SIPave3D™ Road Modeling

PSISuite3D™ Infrastructure Modeling

Over the past decade, PSI Technologies has developed advanced mechanistic materials characterization and true three-dimensional numerical modeling techniques for the transportation sector. These efforts have created a powerful suite of world-class modeling tools called PSISuite3D™. PSISuite3D™ predicts pavement performance such as cracks and rutting over the short and long term of a road’s lifecycle – powerful information for preventing deterioration and for ongoing infrastructure lifecycle budget planning.

PSISuite3D™ includes:

  • PSIPave3D: Pavement Structural Analysis
  • PSICulvert3D: Culvert Analysis
  • PSIUtility3D: Urban Buried Infrastructure Analysis
  • PSIHeavyHaul3D: Custom Heavy Haul Analysis
  • PSIGeosynthetics3D: Geosynthetic Layers Analysis
  • PSIDrainage3D: Drainage System Analysis
  • PSIMultiscale3D: Micro- and Macro-Scale Simulations
  • PSIBackCalc3D: Viscoelastic Layer Moduli Backcalculation Analysis
  • PSIPad3D: Heavy Industrial Pads Analysis

Using the PSISuite3D™ modeling system, alternative designs can be tried and tested before construction, identifying problems in virtual space and preventing costly real-world building and maintenance issues.