recycle road aggregates

Recycle, Re-Use, Re-Pave

PSI Technologies is a pioneer in the use of mechanistic engineering material characterization testing to establish performance-based specifications for recycled concrete and asphalt materials for road infrastructure.

PSI scientific processes in materials, we extended performance of engineered recycled materials to mine tailings systems. Engineered recycled materials can significantly outperform conventional materials when processed and constructed properly. This research allowed us to establish the specifications needed for industry to best use recycled materials for road infrastructure applications based on a scientific fundamentals framework. We have set the standard for use of recycled materials for transportation infrastructure, with many road agencies using our engineered recycle systems.

Recycling not only reduces cost; it lessens pressure on non ‑ renewable aggregate resources. It also diverts significant volumes of concrete and asphalt rubble and similar waste away from landfills.

Engineered uses of waste materials also significantly increase the “fourth bottom line” in infrastructure financial assessment.

Executive Summary

  • Recycled Materials
  • Materials Characterization
  • Recycled Concrete
  • Re-use Waste Materials